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Agiftlist has been designed to take away all the problems of organising your events, be it a Birthday, Baby Shower, Wedding, Anniversary, Reunion, any event where you need either a Guest List or a Guest List and Wishlist together. It's very easy to use, you simply purchase your list, add your guests, make a wish list if you want, send the link provided to your guests and then they can choose a gift or whatever it is they wish to bring to your event. There are no businesses attached to the lists, so no online purchases from companies, no shipping, no handling, no Insurance etc. Your guests are free to buy in their local shopping malls etc. It;s a simple and small cost of only $2.99USD for your list, and then organise your event. No more ending up with two toasters, three sandwich makers etc. Your wish lists will ensure no guest can choose the same gift twice. So, please enjoy the simple and easiest way to organise your events whatever they may be for the low cost of only $2:99USD.

AGiftList.com, making the organising of your event a snap. If you're having a Birthday, Wedding, Reunion, an Anniversary, or any event you can think of, AgiftList.com will make your life easier.

We want to take the headaches of organising your events away and replace them with an easy no fuss way of doing things, not only for you, but for all your guests to. So, how have we done this? After researching other sites who claim to organise events and seeing all the registration process, having to buy products from these sites because they have businesses connected to them, then having to get items shipped, flown, Insured and posted to you, provided the correct gift arrives, in one piece and is not broken etc.

Hey?? Who wants all that drama?? I certainly don't, and we don't think you or anyone else does either. So, we put agiftlist.com together, and simplified the whole process.So, what did we do? First of all, we made it easy to get your list, sign in, pay a low cost of $2:99USD for the basic list, all lists are the same, just the number of guests determines the level you pay, then you set up your list.

Select the number of Guests, add your Guests, select a Wishlist if you want, Select how many Gifts you would like for your event, then send all your Guests the special link provided and then your Guests do the rest. They have choices as to drag a Gift or choose an Icon. Every now and again, you look in on the list and see where it's at. The list will tell you who's attending, what Gift they have chosen etc. And the best part is, because there are no businesses tied to agiftlist.com, the Guests can go shopping in their local area, so no shipping, handling, Insurance or postage involved. Great for local businesses.

Guests can only see the gifts that have not yet been chosen, so no more doubling of gifts and giving them away at Christmas, again, no two toatsers etc. As we see it, it will be the easiest and simplest way to organise and coordinate your event whatever it may be. No headaches for Guests waiting for shipments, postage etc.

Shopping in their own time and at their own convenience. What could be easier and cheaper than that?? And we do not ever hold any of your credit card details as all payments are through Paypal, your security is important to us. And your personal details are not collected by us, as you only use your email as a username to login into your List, nor are they passed on to any third parties, because we simply have no other businesses connected to this site. We only have the Giftlists for you, no shops or buying gifts from us. That equals no spam.

Why Use AGiftList.com?

Your Information is safe - We don't share your data with third parties unlike some of our competitors

Easy to use - Our systems is intuitive, easy to use and much simplier to what our competitors offer

Safe - Safe transactions, high quality SSL security to protect your data and PayPal to ensure all transactions are safe

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