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You are going to love this simple way to streamline your event organisation.

How can agiftList.com make your life easier? We want to remove the headaches of organising your events and replace them with an easy, no fuss way for both you and your guests.

We at agiftlist.com promise to eliminate event organisation problems. So, how can we help you? Simply, we have eliminated complex registration processes, links to product purchases from other sites, shipping, insurance and postage hassles, errors and other complications. Unlike other websites, our process is streamlined, cost efficient and straightforward.

Whatever you are celebrating - birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, reunions or any event where you need to set up a guest list or a combined guest and wish list you will find agiftlist.com very easy to use.

The guest list cost starts at just $2.99USD. You then add your guests (number of guests will determine cost of your list), add a wish list if you want and send the link provided to your guests who can RSVP to you and, better still, simply choose a gift from the wish list. Of course we recommend a wish list for every occasion to streamline your event and make it easy for your guests. After all, who wants to get yet another stubby holder because no one has a clue what you would really like or need? Your wish list can also include gift card options if you want. The wish list is only for you and your guests - no linked shopping websites, no buying gifts from us and no nasty spam from us or other websites

From only $2.99USD you can also ensure that the same gift is not selected twice. Once a gift has been chosen by a guest on your list, it is removed and guests can only see the remaining unselected gifts. No more doubling up on presents or having to re-gift them, which can lead to awkward situations.

Your security and that of your guests is important to us. Rest assured, as already mentioned, there are no other businesses linked to our wish lists. There is no pressure to make additional online purchases. Your guests simply select a gift which they are free to purchase anywhere. Your guests can relax and shop at their own convenience. They and you will feel even more comfortable and secure knowing that we never hold any credit card details, as all payments are made through PayPal. We do not collect personal details or pass them on to third parties; you simply use your email as a username to login into your list.

Not only is our site a cinch for you as the host, but your guests will find it a breeze to use as well. To select from the wish list they simply click to select on an icon or drag their choice against their name. As host, you can view the list whenever you want to check out who's attending and the gifts chosen.

Could there be an easier, simpler way to organise and coordinate every single event in your busy life? We don’t think so!

Why is agiftlist.com Superior?

Private - We don't share your data with third parties unlike some of our competitors

Easy to use - Our systems is intuitive, user friendly and straightforward – unlike many others

Efficient – agiftlist.com lets you track the numbers attending your event and ensures no doubling up of gifts

Secure - Safe transactions, high quality SSL security to protect your data and PayPal to ensure all transactions are trustworthy

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