Create the perfect guest and gift list for your engagement.

That big question has been asked and answered and the two of you have agreed to spend your lives together. Getting engaged is the prelude to your marriage. It’s exciting for both of you and easy to get carried away and overwhelmed – especially when all your family and friends want to get together and celebrate your happy news. Planning an engagement party to be a fun day is made so much easier when you create one of our guest lists. By simply adding a wish list you will not only highlight the importance of the occasion, but you are showing consideration for your guests who are frequently confused about what to get for you. For example, you and your partner may have already accumulated quite a range of household items, or you may be starting from scratch. Don’t forget, also that you can include gift card options on your wish list for those wanting broader choices. Your guests will love the convenience of having your wish list to peruse, making it easy for them to select a gift for your engagement party. Of course, they are then free to purchase the gift whenever and from wherever they choose.